Saturday, December 27, 2008


1. Scarves
I've never been a fan of scarves until this winter.  They not only keep you warm, but they're a great way to add spice to an outfit.  I just recently bought a black and gold scarf from Express that I'm currently IN LOVE with.

2. Boots
I love the winter because I get to pull out all my boots.  Lately, my favorite have been the crocheted uggs.  I've never been the biggest fan of uggs, but with these there are two ways to wear them.  High, or folded over low... I found red ones at Forever Young.

3. Pureology
I'm really picky when it comes to hair products.  Even though pureology is pretty expensive, it's well worth the money.  Their products are amazing!  My favorite is the shampoo and conditioner.  It's got the minty smell and leaves your scalp tingling.

4. Amika Straightener
This past summer I bought an Amika straightener and instantly fell in love.  Not only because it's red leopard print but because of how my hair looks after.  It leaves your hair looking silky and with the small 1 inch you can easily use it to curl too.  I used to have a chi, but there is no comparison.  The chi fried my hair.  I highly recommend an Amika Straightener.

5. Vests
For those of you that didn't know, I used to work at Buckle.  I continue to enter their store on what seems to be a daily basis.  They always have the cutest vests.  They're a fun way to dress up a boring long sleeve shirt.

6. Can Can
For Christmas I got Paris Hilton's Can Can perfume.  I've never been a fan of her scents until now.  It's got a sweet but subtle smell.

7. Acrylic Nails
Sorry for the horrible picture.  I tried to find a cute picture online, but I thought mine looked the best.  I've been going to this same lady for years.  She can do a double fill (like the picture below with blue and white) and she's an amazing artist.  If you're ever in town, let me know!  I'll make you an appointment :)

8. High Heels
For those of you that really know me, you know I love to wear high heels.  Yes, I probably have one too many pair, but I can't resist.  It's even hard for me to find guys I like to date because they HAVE to still be taller than me when I throw on a pair of heels.  Here's a pair I recently bought at the Buckle (of course!)...

9. Golds Gym
This past summer my mom bought me a golds gym pass and I try to go as many times during the week as I can.  I go to the worlds largest Golds in Provo, Utah and it's got just about everything you could need.  For Christmas I got a personal trainer and I can't wait to get started!

10. Jazz
Sure it hasn't been the best season for the Jazz so far, but I'll always enjoy watching the games.  They've had a hard time keeping everyone healthy this season as well.  I don't think we've played with the full starting line up once.  Carlos Boozer has been a BABY and missed his 20th game in a row tonight.  HELLO -- trade him!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thanksgiving in Maui!

It was so much fun to be with the whole family this past week for Thanksgiving.  I've missed my parents and Kurtis so much since I've been out of the house.   When we first showed up, it was raining and after looking at it said that it was supposed to rain ALL week.  We were all pretty disappointed but knew to make the best of it.  HOWEVER, it didn't rain one drop after that first night.  It was over all a PERFECT week.  Ryan, Cortnee and I even got to stay an extra two days because our flight was cancelled due to some broken parts.  United paid for us to stay at the Hyatt. . .can't complain.  The only bad part was that we arrived at about 8 am on Monday morning meaning we had to rush straight to school.

Here are some pictures from the week...

They had a machine by the pool (like at build a bear) and Katelyn made a dolphin and they named it Maui.  How cute.

Kurtis and I at the Luau!

Worlds cutest nieces!  Whitney and Katelyn

The newlyweds. . . Cortnee and Ryan

Cute little Whitney and I

Kurtis and I at the pool.  The water was FREEZING btw.

aww. Father Daughter

Saturday, October 18, 2008

College Fiasco

You don't need to tell me I'm horrible at updating my blog.  I already know I am.  College is SO much fun and I'm learning so much.  I love my apartment and my two beautiful roommates.  Speaking of which, guess who is coming with me to Tokyo in MAY!? YAY, my roomies!  I had my cousin Stephanie and some of her family over a while ago and that was such a blast.  I am super excited though because when they come, I won't be in school so I'll be the one showing them around and playing with them rather than being stuck in the house doing homework.

Now, if you know me, you know I love to take pictures.  A blog update just isn't complete with out new photos.

Maura and I in the suite at the Kelly Clarkson concert!

Kelly Clarson and Reba

After the concert.  LOVE HER.

Julie and I both have all sports passes so we've been going to the games and cheering on our own cougars.  Then Cosmo was running right past us and we couldn't pass up the opportunity to have a picture with him!

Yep, I'm not going to complain we have some pretty decent seats.  Except my new friend in one of my classes says he has SECOND row.  Not fair.

NEON DANCE!  We went to the Neon dance at studio 600 at the very beginning of the school year.  I think the best part was dressing up! :P

Love you all.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Moving In!

I can't believe that Summer is already over and I start school TOMORROW. Scary. This past weekend I took what felt like a million trips from my car up three stories to my apartment. I can't complain too much though. It was a great work out. Here are pictures of the place. . .

The Kitchen. . .

The living room. . . (I want to go buy some decorations!)

Make up section!

Angle #1

Angle #2. . . And yes, I am Mormon and going to BYU. Don't mind the Buddha's I'm just basically half Asian.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Summer Love

Wow, it has been over two months since I've updated so I say it's about time.

This summer has been relaxing but fun at the same time. Here are some pictures of fun events from this summer. . .
Amanda and I being crazy at walmart around 1 am

Tie Dying T-shirts on the 4th

American Idol Concert!
By the way-- I support our hometown David Archuleta but I think Cook definitely deserved to win!

Stephanie and I at the Kellie Pickler Concert!!
"Girls- aren't we lucky to not have settled for those LOSERS in our past??" -Kellie

Yay! Ryan and Cortnee got married last Saturday at the beautiful Salt Lake Temple

Cute little Katelyn playing in the grass at the temple


Katelyn and Uncle Kurtis

What a cute little flower girl!?

Okay, YES I caught the bouquet and my mom started screaming. She now thinks she's going to be planning another wedding next summer. I keep telling here theres no way I'm getting married at 19 but she still thinks it's going to happen. BLAH.

Friday, May 23, 2008

making history

Yesterday, ASIJ girls soccer made it to the championship game and ended up beating Kubasaki 1-0. That was the FIRST time in history that an Okinawan team didn't win. Here is a small excerpt from the stars and stripes news paper. I'm sure there will be a longer article later on today.

"Away goes the bitter taste from the mouths of the American School In Japan Mustangs girls, who suffered an 8-1 defeat against Kadena in the 2006 Girls Class AA final. They rebounded smartly for a 1-0 shutout of defending champion Kubasaki in Friday's title tilt. Junior Ivie Myntti's 10th goal of the season was also the Mustangs' most important in their school-best 15-2-1 campaign."

ASIJ now finally has a far east banner.

Coach Carlos and I

Sunday, May 4, 2008

a toast to the future

I just got my cap and gown pictures back. I can't believe I have a month left until I graduate. . .

Now I'll be off to bigger and better things as I say goodbye to my fellow mustangs and say hello to my future cougars. =]

Friday, April 25, 2008

the team to beat. . .

These are the current stats for the Kanto League and below is an article that was in the stars and stripes newspaper.


Games Goals

# School PLD W D L F A GD PTS
1 ASIJ 7 7 0 0 42 0 42 21
2 ZAMA 6 4 0 2 22 7 15 12
3 YOKOTA 6 4 0 2 17 8 9 12
4 KINNICK 4 2 0 2 10 4 6 6
5 ISSH 7 1 0 6 2 28 -26 3
6 SEISEN 6 0 0 6 1 47 -46 0


7 CAJ 4 2 1 1 16 6 10 7
8 YIS 6 2 0 4 9 20 -11 6
9 ST. MAUR 5 1 1 3 11 22 -11 4

ASIJ girls improve to 5-0, loom as Class AA title threat

What might be the best girls soccer team in American School In Japan’s history continued its torrid run Saturday, beating Yokota 1-0 on Laura Inglesrud’s ninth goal of the season.

The Mustangs (5-0) have outscored their foes 27-0. Coach Matt Whipple of Yokota (10-2) sees ASIJ, which finished seventh last year, as a legitimate threat to win the Far East Class AA title.

“They play really good defense and their transition game is strong,” Whipple said. “They’re one of the best in the Kanto Plain.”

ASIJ coach Carlos Aranda credits the play of junior Melissa Walker, a transfer from Connecticut who plays a variety of defensive positions. “We’re definitely better than we were last year,” Aranda said.

Friday, April 18, 2008


Just a side note - ASIJ Varsity Soccer won our 5th game today against the toughest in the league and beat them 1-0. We're now 5 and 0 with NO goals against us =]

Anyway, my brother and sister-in-law went to take pictures of my niece. I just needed to say, it's official, I have the cutest niece EVERRRR! I can't wait to be just down the road from them next year =]. Not to mention there will be a new little girl to welcome to the family!

Saturday, April 12, 2008


I missed out last year playing soccer so I was really excited for this season. My coach is from Paraguay and played professionally there so he knows what he's doing. Here's a picture from one of my games


Last weekend I got to go to Springroove. Unfortunately they had three different stages so I wasn't able to see EVERYONE that was there. I missed out on Rihanna cause I was in the very front for Kanye West and my friends and I didn't want to loose our spot. All my videos are up on facebook but here are a few pictures from my awesome night =]
Sean Kingston!

Kanye West

I also have pictures from N*E*R*D* and Ne-Yo but it takes too long for my computer to upload them so maybe later. OR just check out my facebook =]

Sunday, March 30, 2008

sweet serenity

Unfortunately spring break is over and we're back in Tokyo. We got to go to Bali, Indonesia and it was absolutely beautiful. My favorite vacation -- AFTER Fiji :] Here are a couple pictures. . .

Then heres a video of Kurtis playing with these cute kids from Bali. I wanted to take the girl home with me!