Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thanksgiving in Maui!

It was so much fun to be with the whole family this past week for Thanksgiving.  I've missed my parents and Kurtis so much since I've been out of the house.   When we first showed up, it was raining and after looking at weather.com it said that it was supposed to rain ALL week.  We were all pretty disappointed but knew to make the best of it.  HOWEVER, it didn't rain one drop after that first night.  It was over all a PERFECT week.  Ryan, Cortnee and I even got to stay an extra two days because our flight was cancelled due to some broken parts.  United paid for us to stay at the Hyatt. . .can't complain.  The only bad part was that we arrived at about 8 am on Monday morning meaning we had to rush straight to school.

Here are some pictures from the week...

They had a machine by the pool (like at build a bear) and Katelyn made a dolphin and they named it Maui.  How cute.

Kurtis and I at the Luau!

Worlds cutest nieces!  Whitney and Katelyn

The newlyweds. . . Cortnee and Ryan

Cute little Whitney and I

Kurtis and I at the pool.  The water was FREEZING btw.

aww. Father Daughter

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Stephanie Johnson said...

The Hyatt? Yeah no complaining. But ugghhh rushing to school would be stressful too!! Katelyns little dolphin is too cute, looks like so much fun!!!