Tuesday, March 11, 2008


So many people have one of these blogs and decided I should get one too! I'm going to be off to college in 6 months and knowing my mom, she'll want more than just a weekly call. PLUS why not add this to my facebook addiction? I'm trying to get the hang of this but I know it'll come in time.

Updates on me?
Basketball season just ended and it was by far my favorite sport season throughout my high school career. Soccer season has just started and my coach is INTENSE! He played professionally for Paraguay so I'm sure that can give you a start to what practices are like. We get to run for warm-ups, do sprinting exercises, TIMED running, TIMED sprinting, oh and occasionally we get to play with the ball. Just kidding we do scrimmage at the end but I've never been pushed this hard. I know its good for me and I do feel better after running but to be honest, I don't understand people that go running for 'fun'. . .never will haha.

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Stephanie Johnson said...

YAH! Welcome to the blog world! I know its so confusing! I am still getting used to it!