Sunday, March 1, 2009

Help International

Most of you know I had the amazing opportunity to travel to Fiji over two years ago with my high schools Habitat for Humanity club.  Ever since then, I've had this enormous love for service.  Lately, I've been searching for random programs that go abroad to serve.  Then I came across  This program was actually started though BYU, but accepts people from across the country.  You can choose to serve in the following places: Uganda, Guatemala, El Salvador, Fiji, Rwanda, Kenya, Belize and Zambia.   They don't have a specific focus for example... building houses, rather they go there to help the community with many different things such as, teaching english, orphanage support, construction projects, public health, etc.  This is something I would LOVE to do during a summer.  Now I just need to find someone that will do it with me **ahem Stephanie!** and convince my parents to help with the financial part of it :)

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