Wednesday, December 23, 2009

My Husband

I got a little bored last night and decided I wanted to make a list of qualities I want in a future boyfriend/husband, so when the time comes I won't have to worry about finding Mr. Right.

1. Return Missionary
2. Athletic
3. Tall, dark and handsome
4. kind
5. great sense of humor
6. a supporter of my goals and dreams
7. passionate about his work/studies
8. sweet and loves to hold me
9. a little boy at heart -- has a child's innocence and innate trust in the world
10. highly-tolerant; open-minded
11. sweet to his mother
12. well-read
14. remembers things I say
15. someone who always looks after my welfare
16. has a great deal of respect for women
17. a hopeless romantic
18. loves to give me back rubs
19. smells good
20. LOVES MY FAMILY & friends
21. fiercely loyal and honest
22. someone who dresses well
23. has a STRONG testimony and temple worthy
24. someone who openly considers me his best friend
25. someone who surprises me with nice, little meaningful things
26. outdoorsy and adventurous
27. has wonderful, expressive eyes
28. courageously pursues his dreams

... more to come I am sure.

1 comment:

{Stephanie Johnson} said...

UMMMM PERFECT!!! So if you find him, send his brother MY WAY!!!